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Dr. Theodore Hersh & Thione International Inc.

Thione International, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The founders, Theodore Hersh, MD, Professor of Medicine, Emeritus, from Emory University and his wife, Rebecca, launched the company based on Dr. Hersh's 30 years of clinical practice and research experience as a gastroenterologist-hepatologist with a vast knowledge in the field of nutrition and a keen interest in preventive medicine.

Born in Mexico City, Dr. Ted's professional journey began at Harvard University followed by medical school at Columbia University and postgraduate training at Mount Sinai Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, and Harvard Medical School's Division at Boston City Hospital. After two years of private practice in Mexico, he returned to the U.S. to continue his career in research and academia at such esteemed institutions as Yale University, Baylor College of Medicine and Brown University. Dr. Ted joined Emory University as a professor of Medicine in 1973 and continued there until becoming Emeritus in 1996. For twenty-three years he served as Chairperson of Emory's Institutional Review Board for clinical research.

Drawing on his clinical and academic experience, Dr. Hersh and his wife Rebecca together began conducting antioxidant research. It was through this research that Dr. Ted developed applications for the Thione Complex™ and founded Thione International. He continues to develop further uses for the Complex and has numerous patents and formulations under development.

Dr. Ted, a distinguished clinician, medical innovator and educator, has received awards including the Noble Foundation Award from the Mayo Foundation and Premier Physician Award from the Chrohns and Colitis Foundation of America. However, it is not awards, money or prestige that spurs Dr. Hersh forward. It is through the desire to help others overcome the same obstacles he's faced in his own life with his almost complete blindness, that Dr. Hersh and Thione International operate.

Thione's founders focused on designing formulations, developing applications, conducting patent and clinical research and submitting patent applications. As a result of those efforts, and the successful outcome of scientific research and several clinical studies, Thione was able to begin commercializing its unique, patented Thione Complex™ that is the basis for a growing family of products.

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