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Thione Antioxidant Protection

Slice an apple...
... and leave it on the counter for 5 minutes. Even after a short period of time, the fruit begins to turn brown. Leave it a little longer and it's completely turned color.

This is a simple example of the exact same oxidation process our bodies go through as our cells complete their metabolic process.

Dr. Hersh & the Thione Complex
Inspired by his work as a clinician, medical researcher and Professor of Medicine at the world renown Emory University, Dr. Ted Hersh discovered the key to supercharging depleted antioxidants. Nature's best-kept secret, L-Glutathione, when combined with other synergistic elements, is the key to revitalizing and restoring the health-giving properties of the body's own antioxidant defense system. Out of this discovery came a health miracle called the Thione Antioxidant Complex™. Today, the Thione Complex™ is the centerpiece in all of Thione's fine products and its application to the body is protected by several U.S. and International Patents issued to Thione by the U.S. Patent Office over the past three years.

Dr. T Hersh GlutaThione "500" PLUS Selenium Chewable Tablet
Click Here to download the brochure for our GlutaThione chewable tablets which use Selenium to act as an anti-aging detoxificant and prevent free radical related diseases.
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ThioCare™ Oral Lozenge
A dietary supplement that promotes healthy gums and supports mouth care.
(30 count)
ThioCare™ Oral Lozenge
ThioBoost™ ImmunoTab™ "250" Plus
An ideal dosage for the healthy young and exerciser.
(30 count)
ThioBoost™ ImmunoTab™
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Glutathione 500 Plus
The high dose antioxidant complex is ideal for maintaining the body's antioxidant defenses as we age in efforts to maintain a balance in the body by reducing free radical species that are responsible for oxidative stress which cause damage to main organs.
Patent # 5,922,346
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