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The Thione Complex™- Slowing Down The Aging Process

Our Lesson From Science

Science has taught us how toxic Free Radical damage increases our body's susceptibility to disease and robs us of the the mechanisms for healing itself. Environmental factors and lifestyle choices greatly increase Free Radical production and use up our natural levels of antioxidants, which are nature's best and strongest defense. More simply, when this internal antioxidant defense system becomes overwhelmed, our organs become damaged and we get sick.

Dr. Theodore Hersh, Thione's founder and driving force, knew that supplementing our body's natural antioxidants is critical to preventing chronic disease. He also knew that the antioxidant L-glutathione acts as the key to all other antioxidants and regulates how they work and their ultimate effectiveness.

Increasing Nature's Own Healing Powers

L-glutathione is present in the human body and is also in most plant and animal food sources. However, to get the maximum benefit of supplemental L-glutathione, it must act synergistically in specific ratios with other antioxidants such as selenium and vitamin C & vitamin E. Dr. Hersh discovered the process of combining L-glutathione with these "helper" antioxidants to produce a result like no other product ever developed. The Thione Complex™ truly acts to supercharge nature's own healing and anti-aging powers.

The Thione Complex™

This process of combining critical antioxidants with L-Glutathione is the basis for the Thione Antioxidant Complex™. The Thione Complex™ is present in all of Thione's fine products and is protected by several U.S. and International Patents.

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