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Understanding the Relationship Between
Antioxidants and Free Radicals

General Background

During a cell's normal life cycle, the body produces poisonous waste products called free radicals. The human body has its own capability to counteract most of these chemicals through antioxidants absorbed in our diet. But when outside toxins, such as smoke, excess sun exposure, environmental pollutants and alcohol consumption, to name a few, overload our bodies - our natural defense systems fail to provide sufficient protection. This is due to either an overwhelming production of free radicals or a decrease of antioxidants in the body.

Oxidative Stress

When levels of free radicals overload the human body's defense system, it causes a condition known as oxidative stress, which can lead to a wide variety of illnesses including heart disease, lung disease, premature aging and cancer.

One of the only ways to keep your body healthy and ensure that the levels of free radicals inside your body don't reach oxidative stress levels, is to have a continuous build-up of antioxidants in your body at all times.

Antioxidant sources include:

  • Naturally produced in the body
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Nutritional supplements

Unfortunately, as antioxidants fight off free radicals - there comes a point in the cycle where antioxidants becomes free radical themselves. The "antioxidant turned free radical" must then be neutralized or regenerated into an antioxidant again.

One question remains: how do we ensure that an oxidized by-product of an antioxidant will be neutralized, enabling it to fight against free radicals instead of becoming one itself?

Working to Protect Against Free Radicals & Promote Healthier Life

By replicating the body's synergistic antioxidant cellular defense system, the patented Thione Complex™ plays an integral role in detoxifying free radicals and converting them into non-toxic molecules. A singular antioxidant cannot regenerate itself. It needs the help of specific synergistic antioxidants to do so. The patented Complex works together with other enzymes to speed up the process and ensure that all cellular antioxidant partners remain partners, and not enemies.

The Thione Complex™:

  • Prevents damage to cell structure and function
  • Reduces free radical damage to DNA

If you'd like to learn more about antioxidants and free radicals, please continue reading A Deeper Look at Antioxidants.

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