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Company Background

Thione International Inc., was founded in 1995 by antioxidant expert Dr. Theodore Hersh. Drawing upon 30 years of clinical and research experience specializing in gastroenterology, Dr. Hersh replicated the antioxidant cycle found within the body and incorporated it as a defense against free radicals - which he called the Thione Complex™.

The basis for the Complex is a group of specific synergistic antioxidants, that when working together fight against the harmful affects of free radicals often brought about by everyday stresses such as excess sun exposure, smoking, environmental pollutants and alcohol consumption, among others.

Realizing that not one product on the consumer or healthcare market contained this critical combination of antioxidants, Dr. Hersh and his team spent the first four years of the company's inception developing patents, creating various formulations and applications for the Complex as well as conducting research.

It was through this time and effort that Thione's true mission surfaced - to develop preventative and therapeutic healthcare and consumer products to protect against many of the world's most devastating diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the theories that rest at Thione's core are constantly being tested and improved.

Both the Thione Complex™ and Thione International, Inc. rest on one signature belief:

  • That it is specific antioxidants working synergistically (not alone) to improve the body's ability to protect and repair itself from the ravages of free radicals.

Currently the company holds 6 patents on various applications of the Complex and various others under development. All Thione products are doctor developed.

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