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ThioCare - Oral Care Products

ThioCareThione's oral relief products are designed to help prevent and heal gum disease. Bleeding gums, gingivitis, dry mouth syndrome and even cavities are all conditions that are caused by an excess of free radicals within the membranes of the mouth.

Our patented ThioCare™ Oral Lozenge, the chewable, suckable orange flavored lozenge, promotes healthy gums and relieves symptoms associated with periodontal disease. It also keeps blood vessels within the mouth and the heart in wonderful shape. ThioCare™ Oral Spray is designed to be used for specific localized problem areas in the mouth. Not only does it reduce the pain and duration of fever blisters, and canker sores, but it also prevents tobacco damage to the mouth from smoking or chewing tobacco. Use these products along with ThioCare™ Oral Gel, the antioxidant toothpaste for a health mouth and a white smile!

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