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Introducing the Thione Complex™ to the Body: The Delivery Systems

Replication of the body’s synergistic cellular antioxidant system coupled with an ability to manipulate the formulation depending on the targeted application are extremely beneficial, however, the mechanism for getting the Thione Complex™ into the body is equally important. Recognizing this three-fold process, Dr. Hersh spent several years researching and developing novel delivery mechanisms for introducing the Thione Complex™ to the targeted organ. A summary of such mechanisms follows.

Buccal Absorption

When antioxidants are consumed to boost overall health, they are usually delivered to the body in capsule form. However, a far superior method of delivery exists, known to practitioners as “buccal absorption.” Absorption by the lining cells in the oral cavity is the mechanism that Thione utilizes to deliver the Thione Complex™ to the body.

Ingestion of a capsule delivers the antioxidants to the small intestine. The capsule itself protects the active ingredients from being denatured or inactivated by the gastric acids, but then has to dissolve in order to permit the active ingredients to be absorbed by the small intestine. In some cases, the capsule does not dissolve and instead travels through the entire gut from which it is later expelled without delivering the active ingredients. When the capsule does dissolve properly, the active ingredients are released into the small intestine. At this point, two reactions occur. First, some of the active ingredients remain in the lumen of the gut while others are absorbed by the lining cells of the small intestine (allowing it to retain some of the active ingredients for its own use). Thereafter, the remainder of the active ingredients are transported through the portal vein to the liver. The liver then utilizes the portion of the active ingredients that it needs and releases the remaining active ingredients to the general systemic circulation for delivery to the body’s other organs. Intestinal absorption of antioxidants results in a lower initial peak blood level of the antioxidants and less sustained concentrations for continuous delivery to the other organs.

Conversely, buccal absorption of antioxidants, particularly those contained in the Thione Complex™, results both in an early high peak blood level and then in sustained higher concentrations for continuous delivery to all tissues. The buccal mucosal cells in the lining tissues of the oral cavity are capable of absorbing intact molecules, like glutathione and other ingredients contained in the Thione Complex™, via various physiologic transport mechanisms. Once absorbed by these cells, these compounds are picked up and transported in the blood by the systemic circulation to all the organs of the body. Thus, unlike intestinal absorption, when the active ingredients are delivered to the body through buccal absorption, all of the tissues, the major organs and the body fluids receive their proportionate amount of the antioxidants rather than receiving “left-overs” from the small intestine and liver. As a result, the Thione Complex™ can replenish and maintain synergistic antioxidant levels in all cells and body fluids for preventative and therapeutic functions.

In addition to providing systemic circulation of the antioxidants, buccal absorption results in numerous oral benefits. Inflammation is a common symptom of many oral pathologies. Through absorption of the Thione Complex™ directly into the buccal mucosal cells, inflammation can be dramatically reduced and signs and symptoms of gingival and other oral pathologies are improved.

Topical Absorption

The skin is the largest organ in the body and thus, its surface may be used second to buccal absorption as a major organ of absorption. Delivery vehicles for the skin must not only protect active ingredients, but also enhance their cutaneous absorption. When the Thione Complex™ is topically absorbed into the dermal layers, the synergistic antioxidants can directly attack and neutralize the toxic free radicals that cause inflammation resulting in skin damage, photoaging and similar dermatologic conditions. In many cases, the efficacy and stability of the Thione Complex™ is boosted by encapsulating the active ingredients in a protective “envelope” such as a liposome, micelle or substitute cell membrane. Topical absorption is thus the mechanism for delivering the Thione Complex™ to the oro-pharyngeal cavity (via a tablet, oral spray, toothpaste/gum gel, floss, mouthwash) and to the skin (via a cream, lotion, shampoo, serum or roll-on device). Additional applications under development include delivery of the Thione Complex™ via suppositories and foams through the anal and vaginal cavities. These forms of delivery will permit the Thione Complex™ to attack the inflammation in these areas associated with a number of ano-rectal and cervico-vaginal conditions or diseases.


In some instances, the Thione Complex™ "delivery mechanism" is just the opposite – rather than delivering the complex to the body, it acts as a barrier such as within a cigarette filter or the end of the cigar by neutralizing free radicals in the smoke before they enter the body.


Inhalation of the Thione Complex™ directly to the respiratory tract through a mono-dose or multi-dose inhaler is currently being evaluated in a clinical study. By delivering the active ingredients directly to the lungs, it appears that the Thione Complex™ can have a very positive effect on reducing certain inflammatory pulmonary conditions, particularly those from allergens, tobacco smoke and other environmental pollutants.


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