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Scientists have become increasingly aware of how our bodies become susceptible to disease and the body’s mechanisms for preventing disease. Extensive research has shown that many diseases are caused by excessive toxic free radicals, which overwhelm the body to the extent that our body’s endogenous antioxidant defense system simply cannot handle. More simply put, when this internal antioxidant defense system becomes overwhelmed, our organs become damaged and we get sick. Through research however, scientists are learning that antioxidant supplementation may be the key to preventing these diseases.

Recent scientific studies illustrate two very critical points: (1) all antioxidants are not equal; and (2) combinations of synergistic antioxidants are far superior to singular antioxidants. Based on these studies, we have developed and patented a unique composition of synergistic antioxidants, centered around the body’s most important antioxidant, L-glutathione. This composition is known as the “Thione Antioxidant Complex™. Unlike singular antioxidant compositions currently offered for sale, this particular combination of antioxidants is far more powerful because it replicates the body’s own cellular antioxidant defense system. In other words, although singular antioxidants such as vitamin C or vitamin E are useful, once they have accomplished their job, attacking a free radical, they themselves are oxidized and become a free radical. However, if they are combined with other specific synergistic antioxidants, particularly L-glutathione, they become rejuvenated and then can continuously do their job – just like the cellular defense system.

The antioxidant cellular defense system plays a crucial role in preventing and treating numerous diseases. Because the Thione Complex™ replicates the synergistic antioxidant cycle found in the body, it can be used to prevent or treat many different conditions or can act as an adjunct to drug therapies currently used for many diseases, rendering such drugs more effective.

Depending on the targeted organ or disease, the exact formulation of the Thione Complex™ is adjusted or manipulated either through the addition or deletion of specific ingredients or by changing the concentrations or delivery system of the active ingredients. Through this adjustment process, we are able to: (1) combine the Thione Complex™ with FDA monographed drugs or other compounds or substances proven to have useful benefits for the targeted disease; and (2) ensure that the proper dosage and combination of active ingredients is being administered for the targeted particular organ.


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