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Patents & Technology

Thione's Science
Scientists are unraveling the hidden natural processes by which the body heals itself and are learning how to mimic and optimize this process. This knowledge is becoming the basis for radical new drugs or compositions that prevent or treat a variety of diseases, providing a basis for businesses that are dramatic in their potential for human value and substantial profit. One such substance, L-glutathione, has long been recognized by researchers as the body's key protector, but to date, has not been widely commercialized. Thione International, Inc. is capitalizing on this gap in the marketplace and is quickly emerging as the leading expert in this area.

Thione Complex
The Thione Complex™ replicates the synergistic antioxidant defense system of the body. Glutathione is the hub of the wheel of antioxidants in the Thione Complex, with Selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and other vital cellular glutathione enzymes and antioxidants being the spokes. Each of these antioxidants or enzymes are remarkable in their own right, but glutathione is the hub which keeps them working and keeps the defensive cycle in motion.

As of 2020, Thione International, Inc. has 15 patents and others pending. Click here for a list of the patents issued, with additional patents being filed.

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