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Corporate CenterThione International, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The founders, Theodore Hersh, MD, Professor of Medicine, Emeritus, from Emory University and his wife, Rebecca, launched the company based on Dr. Hersh's 30 years of clinical practice and research experience as a gastroenterologist-hepatologist with a vast knowledge in the field of nutrition and a keen interest in preventive medicine.

Thione Science
The Thione Complex™ replicates the synergistic antioxidant defense system of the body. Glutathione is the hub of the wheel of antioxidants in the Thione Complex, with Selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and other vital cellular glutathione enzymes and antioxidants being the spokes. Each of these antioxidants or enzymes are remarkable in their own right, but glutathione is the hub which keeps them working and keeps the defensive cycle in motion.

Business Opportunities
Thione International has identified numerous and diverse applications utilizing our patented Thione Complex™. Our mission is to educate the consumer regarding the health benefits of the Thione Complex™, and provide them with leading edge, quality products, backed by science and clinical studies. We believe there is value in aligning ourselves with partners who have similar values and standards of excellence, as well as, strengths that complement ours.

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Featured Products

Bellasol™ Oral Lozenge
The high dose antioxidant complex is ideal for maintaining the body's antioxidant defenses as we age in efforts to maintain a balance in the body by reducing free radical species that are responsible for oxidative stress which cause damage to main organs.
(30 count)
ThioCare™ Oral Lozenge
Patent # 5,922,346 » more info

ThioCare™ Oral Lozenge
A dietary supplement that promotes healthy gums and supports mouth care.

(30 count)

ThioBoost™ ImmunoTab™
» more info

Radiation Relief™
The antioxidant "Thione complex" is ideal for skin burns and calm irritated skin due to radiations.

Patent # 6,630,442

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